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The open oceans are the world's largest ecosystems, vital to everyone, owned by no-one. Traversed by whales, sharks, turtles, tuna and albatross and home to mysterious deep-sea creatures, these are the true wilds of our planet.

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How To Save Our High Seas

Sir David Attenborough explains how we should all work together globally to ensure our oceans thrive

Return of the whales

Whale numbers are bouncing back, which is surprisingly good news, because whale poo is good for the whole planet.

What can I do? Buy sustainable fish

Discover what you can do to help save our planet's oceans.

Behind the scenes - Oarfish

The high seas are home to mysterious creatures. The Our Planet crew’s mission was to film one such creature – the oarfish, rarely seen in the wild.

Our Planet | Humpback Whales | Clip | Netflix

Share the wonder of the deepest seas.

Our Planet | Spinner Dolphins | Clip | Netflix

Loved the spinner dolphins on Our Planet? Dive in all over again.

Humpback whale feeding off Cape Town
© Copyright (C) Steve Benjamin/Silverback Films / Netflix

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Be a voice for our planet. People around the world are calling for urgent action to protect our planet, our only home.

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