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In jungles, everywhere is special. Host to a staggering array of species, they are the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on our planet. A myriad of micro-worlds, our jungles contain a bewildering diversity of life, all intricately linked. Life here has evolved to fit every niche, but due to deforestation they're disappearing faster than anywhere on earth. And once we lose any part of our jungles, we may lose species forever. We don’t need to clear any more of our jungles, so we need to manage and protect what we have left.

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How To Save Our Jungles

Sir David Attenborough explains how farming innovators and governments can help keep our jungles forever.

Jungle Medicines

Could jungles contain the cure to human diseases? One species of ant has just revealed a new strain of antibiotics. Who knows what else we might discover if we keep our jungles standing.

Our Planet | Birds of Paradise | Clip | Netflix

Loved this Birds of Paradise clip from Our Planet? Experience it again in this digital exclusive.

The Jungle Farmer

Costa Rican farmer Alex grows a multitude of crops in harmony with the jungle; all without clearing trees to make way for farmland. Hear his story.

Jungle Tourism

Ecotourism is thriving in Costa Rica, benefiting both locals and wildlife. Here’s how one community shared camera trap images online and attracted ecotourists to their patch of jungle.

Harvesting Jungles

Can logging and jungle wildlife exist together? Peter, a forester in Borneo, has found a way to harvest the jungles whilst taking care of nature so that it remains forever.

Humpback whale feeding off Cape Town
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