1 July 2022


Meet Audrey!

Audrey’s love for all wildlife has inspired her to leave a long-lasting gift to WWF-Australia, which will protect nature and what she cares about most into the future.

Very early on in her life, Audrey felt her love for wildlife and the natural world as she sat in the garden and found herself speaking with all that surrounded her. Audrey turned this love into action in the 1980’s when she started supporting many animal protection groups. She is most concerned about climate change, and how it affects wildlife and humans on our planet.

Caelan and Audrey
© Supplied

We asked Audrey some questions about her wonderful support and being a part of the Legacy Society.

What kind of difference do you hope to make by supporting organisations like WWF?

“My support is a statement of what’s important to me. Everything WWF support – I support very deeply. I want to let everybody know what I am doing in the hope they will be inspired to do the same.”

As a member of WWF’s Living Planet Legacy Society, what originally encouraged you to consider including a gift in your Will to WWF?

“I wanted to continue to support the work you are doing as far as possible in the future. I wanted the organisations that I admire and the natural world that I love to have as much support as I could possibly give.”

What kind of impact do you hope your future gift will make someday?

“It depends on what is the matter of urgency at that particular time. I just hope my gift can help you respond to whatever challenges nature faces in the future.”

At last, we asked Audrey what gives her hope for the future of our planet, her confident reply:

“Hope rests in the young, the people old enough to vote, and everyone with a voice can make a change. I have hope that one day soon, we will all listen to our original landowners who know best, and we will save our planet”.

Audrey has an incredibly strong connection to the world and its natural beauty, she sees the planet is a living system and that we need to nurture and protect it.

Audrey’s passion and commitment to wildlife over many years, will continue for many more, as she has made the amazing decision of leaving a gift in her will to WWF. You can make our planet a part of your legacy too.