Five easy steps to make a bequest

It’s simple to include a gift in your Will - legally known as a ‘bequest’. You can leave a bequest with nothing more than your signature. And you can still ensure your family and friends are provided for.
Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) female, Huan Huan, holding baby age one month, Beauval Zoo, France
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Make your choice

1. Consider the loved ones and charities that you would like to remember in your Will Take your time and talk your decisions over with your loved ones. Share your vision with them. Choosing to include a Charity in your Will shows your trust in the organisation, and your belief in the value of their work and the success of their approach. 2. Choose the type of donation you would like to leave to your favourite charities Residual bequest: Pass on the remainder to your chosen charities, after other bequests have been fulfilled. Specific bequest: Specify the percentage share that each of your chosen charities receives alongside other bequests.

Koala joey (Phascolarctos cinereus) and mom eating Eucalyptus leaf
Koala joey (Phascolarctos cinereus) and mom eating Eucalyptus leaf © Shutterstock / dangdumrong / WWF

The details

3. Use the wording below to ensure your bequests are received as you intend "I give to World Wide Fund for Nature Australia ABN 57 001 594 074 free of all taxes and other deductions the residue of my estate / a ___% share of my estate / other type of legacy for its general purposes, and the receipt given on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee."

4. Write and legalise your Will A solicitor, lawyer or estate planner can assist to prepare your Will under your direction.  Write your Will for free: WWF has partnered with Gathered Here - Australia's top-rated online Wills platform. Gathered Here are pleased to offer WWF supporters the opportunity to write their Will for free (plus free and unlimited updates the Will for life). It takes less than 10 minutes. Write your Will for free and create your legacy for wildlife with just a few clicks.   Remember your Will is not legal until it is signed and witnessed. You can change your Will and beneficiaries at any time.

5. Please let us know Please contact us to share your intentions so that we can thank you for helping to ensure the protection of wildlife and our natural world continues in the future. You can reach Christine in our Gifts in Wills team directly. Contact Christine on 02 8000 0303 or email

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