31 May 2017


This discussion paper has been created to stimulate thinking and invite collaboration. 

It features some of the trends in technology that excite us (and hopefully you), along with an exploration of how they could be applied to help solve some of the big environmental challenges we face as a society. As such, this paper’s interlinked structure attempts to show the connected nature of emerging technologies and their place in conservation (that’s code for saying we know there is some overlap between the sections!). So feel free to click the hyperlinks and jump to the chapters you find interesting. 

This paper is by no means intended to be a definitive guide to emerging technology, but rather a collection of some of the exciting developments in those technologies that are changing the world.

Can technology save the planet? Find out more about WWF Australia’s innovation program: Panda Labs

Panda Labs is exploring how emerging technology, partnerships, products and new ways of working can be used to achieve WWF’s ambitious conservation goals.