9 Dec 2021


Morgane ran more than 240km non-stop to raise money for WWF-Australia
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The Larapinta Trail, located at the core of Central Australia, runs over 240km along the spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Not for the faint-hearted, this trail will lead you along a remote path through extremely rocky terrain and ridgelines, filled with steep ascents and descents. Meet Morgane, who previously volunteered for WWF in New Caledonia. She chose to make the move to Australia with her partner and decided to begin exploring her new backyard. Driven by a passion for nature and running, Morgane made the big decision to run the Larapinta Trail to raise funds for WWF-Australia at the end of May this year.

“I have decided to undertake this big challenge not only for me and the love of trail running and being in nature on my own, but also to help protect wonderful nature and wildlife. Plus, to help you guys at WWF with the great work you’re doing!” says Morgane.

For Morgane, who has been a runner since the age of 20, the idea to run 240km for WWF-Australia was an easy one. However, what she faced would be one of the hardest physical and mental hurdles of her life.

Morgane set to training three months before the event, running close to 100km each week and hiking throughout her weekends. Yet no amount of training would prepare Morgane for the rugged and rocky conditions of the trail.

Bright and early on Wednesday, 26 May, Morgane began her non-stop trek, where she spent the next two and a half days running. She only stopped to eat, sleep, or refill her water and food at the aid stations set up by her partner. With 90km left till the finish line, Morgane’s trek came to a sudden halt when she faced a bad fall on some large rocks.

Combining her physical and mental strength, Morgane powered through, limping and walking for the remainder of the trek. Without a doubt, this showcased Morgane's outstanding dedication to her fundraising cause for WWF-Australia. After one last hurdle filled with blisters, hallucinations from lack of sleep and an injured knee, Morgane’s journey came to a triumphant finish as she reached the end of the trail late Friday night on 28 May. All up, this took the incredible Morgane a gruelling total of 65 hours, showing us just how passionate she is about nature and what a strong fighter she is.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, Morgane has raised $1,551; however, she’s still striving to reach her fundraising goal of $2,000. If you’d like to support the amazing Morgane’s cause, click the button below.

Feeling inspired by Morgane’s story? Act now by reaching out to our Caitlin to register your interest. Email CommunityFundraising@wwf.org.au.