17 Mar 2022


It’s almost that time again: Earth Hour! 

On 26 March at 8.30pm local time, millions of people in Australia and hundreds of millions around the world will switch off their lights to call for stronger action against climate change and biodiversity loss.

But Earth Hour isn’t just for individuals. Want to be a leader in your industry and join the movement? There are heaps of easy ways businesses can get involved and help Shape Our Future this Earth Hour.

Sign up and switch off

Switch off! Sign up to switch off your lights at www.earthhour.org.au and join thousands of businesses globally in supporting a healthier future for our planet and the species that call it home. 

Last year, a massive one in three Australians and over 450 businesses signed up. Will you join them this year?

Tune into the Earth Hour Film Festival

Sign up to switch off this Earth Hour and gain exclusive access to the Earth Hour Film Festival, hosted online by WWF-Australia and Documentary Australia. 

From Monday 21 March - Friday 25 March, businesses will be able to host their own screening of the Earth Hour Film Festival ahead of its release to the public on Saturday 26 March. Visit the Film Festival microsite during the week to enjoy a selection of six curated documentaries that explore the impacts of climate change, the power of communities, and the wildlife and wild places that deserve a greener future. 

The Earth Hour Film Festival will also include a very special screening of Regenerating Australia, the latest short film from Regen Studios (makers of 2040 and That Sugar Film), which won’t be widely available to the public until May! 

Once you sign up for Earth Hour, you’ll receive a link to our Film Festival Guide. Here, you can learn how to organise and host a screening for your workplace.

Become a Renewables Nation Business Champion

The voices and actions of organisations can play a pivotal role in shaping Australia’s climate and clean energy future. 

Join WWF-Australia and over 100 other businesses in calling for Australia to become a world-leading renewable energy export superpower by becoming a Renewables Nation Business Champion. 

Business as usual isn’t enough. We need to accelerate our efforts to limit the dangerous impact of climate change and transition to zero carbon emissions. By acting now, we can make sure Australia will thrive in the global clean economy for generations to come. 

It’s clear: Australia can power our whole nation with clean and affordable renewable energy, plus have plenty left over to sell to our neighbours.

Help shape Australia’s energy future and become a champion today.

Spread the word!

We want to see you there! Make sure to share your involvement on social media with the hashtags #SwitchOff, #ShapeOurFuture and #EarthHour or head to our social media sharing pack for some great inspiration and fun, shareable content. 

Earth Hour is a great opportunity to demonstrate your business’ commitment to a healthy future for the wildlife and wild places that call Australia home. It’s also a great way to celebrate your existing sustainability or environmental initiatives. 

The social media sharing pack is available as part of the Info Bundle you’ll receive when you sign up.

Don’t just switch off, switch up and out

Switch up your daily commute and ride your bike or walk to work. Too far away? Carpool or take public transport.

Switch out disposable items for reusable ones. Think beyond the usual KeepCups and non-plastic straws (though they’re very important!) and get creative. Rent or lend out your rarely-used items to colleagues so they don’t have to buy new ones, or ditch the office tea bags for naturally-compostable loose leaf tea and a strainer.

In charge of company purchasing or decision-making? Switch out unethical products for more environmentally friendly ones like recycled paper products (only if you really need to use paper - does that memo HAVE to be printed?), or perhaps switch out your normal energy sources for renewable ones.

So what are you waiting for? 

Head to https://www.earthhour.org.au/Get-Involved/business to sign up and get ready to switch off for nature!