12 Dec 2023


Remember Noah? Last year, his passion for sea turtles led to a heartwarming holiday tale. Noah's turtle fundraiser involved creating ocean-themed Christmas cards, and through his sales techniques, he raised over $1,000 for WWF-Australia's turtle conservation efforts. You can read more about Noah’s turtle fundraiser here.

Enter Noah’s younger brother – Jude! Inspired by his older brother’s dedication to turtle conservation, Jude (age nine) charted his own course to support wildlife. His gaze shifted from the seas to the eucalyptus trees, koala habitat. With a mission fuelled by compassion and a desire to help, Jude decided to fundraise to save koalas.  

In March this year, Jude, with Noah by his side, embarked on an olive-picking adventure in their backyard. Jude made sure to do his research on curing olives before getting started. They plucked the olives from the trees, setting the stage for what would become a labour of love. Together, they dived into the art of curing olives, patiently waiting for about six months for the transformation to take place. 

Fast forward, and the olives were ready - bursting with flavour and ripe for a cause. The boys experimented with recipes, infusing bay leaves, rosemary, lemon, thyme, and olive oil into a tasty marinade. Bottling up this savoury creation, they hit the streets once more, driven by their shared passion to make a difference. 


Jude and Noah, armed with jars brimming with their homemade delicacies, continued their tradition of visiting their friendly neighbours. But this time, they added a personal touch—crafted jar labels bearing the name "Elsternwick Olives", a testament to their commitment to this heartfelt cause. Jude even contributed his pocket money to have labels printed while creating an engaging poster to share his research and bolster their fundraising efforts. 


Their journey wasn’t just about selling olives; it was a tale of dedication, brotherly collaboration, and unwavering support for wildlife conservation.  

Through his efforts, Jude raised an incredible $500 for WWF-Australia! Jude’s contribution is a shining example of how simple, yet innovative initiatives can make a profound impact. Together, these two brothers have shown that age is no barrier to making a difference and that a blend of passion, creativity, and determination can create ripples of change in the world. 

Jude and Noah's home-made poster to fundraise to help save koalas. © WWF-Australia

As we celebrate their commitment and compassion, let their story serve as inspiration for us all. Whether young or old, each of us holds the power to make a positive difference in the world around us, just like Jude and Noah. 

Feeling inspired by Jude’s story? Start your own fundraiser to protect our precious wildlife today!