2 Oct 2020


Australia's nature laws are undergoing a once-in-10-year review. We already lost so much in the fires - will you ask your local politician to protect our wildlife and their remaining homes?

Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique animals, found nowhere else on Earth! Each animal has its own special qualities and traits, from the sleepy koala to the adventurous rock-wallaby.

Which Aussie animal do you most relate to?

Which Aussie animal are you?
© WWF-Australia

Can’t pick? Take our quiz below to find out...

An ideal weekend involves...

a) Going out to party!

b) Staying indoors with a good book

c) Watching conspiracy documentaries

d) Catching up on sleep

e) Hiking up a mountain

Friends would describe you as...

a) Chatty

b) Quiet

c) Funny

d) Kind

e) Confident

Your favourite holiday destination would be somewhere...

a) With lots of places to shop!

b) Peaceful and quiet

c) Known or its nightlife

d) With famous tourist attractions

e) That has places to hike and things to climb

Your fave Netflix genre is...

a) Chick flicks and comedies

b) Documentaries

c) Musicals

d) Crime dramas

e) Sci-fi and action thrillers

You like to read...

a) Fashion and gossip magazines

b) History and biographies

c) Romance, fantasy and travel books

d) Self-help and motivational books

e) Sports section of the newspaper and comics

You listen to...

a) The top 100 charts and pop

b) Folk, country and classical

c) Techno and dubstep

d) Podcasts

e) Rock

You're quite the environmentalist but care most deeply about...

a) Climate change

b) Freshwater, rainforests and Australian species protection

c) Tree-clearing

d) Bushfire recovery

e) Rewilding projects and predator control

Your results...

If you chose mostly a) then you're a social swift parrot.

Swift parrot (Lathamus discolor) in Tasmanian blue gum blossoms= Tasmania
© Dejan Stojanovic

Colourful, vibrant and flashy - like a swift parrot you are the life of the party! You love meeting new people and are always on top of the latest social trends.

Researchers estimate there are fewer than 2,000 swift parrots left in the wild. Climate change, predation and loss of habitat has sadly pushed this species further to the brink of extinction. They’re listed as Critically Endangered under national law. You can help save the swift parrot.

If you chose mostly b) you're a peaceful platypus.

Australian platypus in river
Australian platypus in river © Shutterstock / Martin Pelanek / WWF

There’s nothing better than alone time! Like a platypus, you’re known to be shy and mysterious. You enjoy peace and quiet, but don’t mind spending quality time frolicking in a rainforest.

Prolonged droughts, changing climate and landclearing have sadly impacted platypus populations. Experts are seeking to have the platypus listed as Vulnerable under national law. You can help save the platypus.

If you chose mostly c) we’ve determined you’re a greater glider!

Greater glider poking its head out of a tree hollow in a patch of old-growth forest in Munruben, Logan City, south of Brisbane
Greater glider poking its head out of a tree hollow in a patch of old-growth forest © Josh Bowell

You’ve got a playful aura about you and are always on the prowl to cause a bit of mischief, especially at night! You’re curious by nature and down to try new things.

Sadly, the greater glider is listed as Vulnerable to extinction under national law as their forest habitat is diminishing due to increased rates of bulldozing and unsustainable logging practices. You can help save the greater glider.

If you chose mostly d) you're a quality koala.

Koala dozes in a tree
© Jordan Whitt / Unsplash

Everybody loves you! Friends often turn to you for motivational advice or just to hang out. Your popularity means you’re always out and about, so if friends can’t find you, you’re most likely catching up on sleep.

Australia’s iconic koala is sadly on a downhill trajectory on the east coast. Excessive clearing of vital eucalypt forests has fragmented their habitat, and the devastating Australian bushfires have left many with nowhere to go. In NSW, Qld & ACT, they’re listed as Vulnerable to extinction under national law. WWF and others are seeking to have this upgraded to Endangered. You can help save koalas.

If you chose mostly e), you’re an adventurous rock-wallaby!

Black-flanked rock-wallaby (Petrogale lateralis) with young in pouch= Western Australia
© naturepl.com / Fred Olivier / WWF

There’s no mountain you can’t climb! You thrive on adrenaline-filled adventures and will never say ‘no’ to a challenge.

The black-flanked rock-wallaby was once widespread across the central ranges of Australia, but habitat destruction and predation by federal predators has impacted their populations. They are listed as Endangered under national law. You can help save the black-flanked rock-wallaby.

Now that you know which Aussie animal you are, help us ensure they’re protected for generations to come.