27 Feb 2022


Trees: the forgotten heroes of our health

More and more, we are turning to technology to help us tackle the ever-growing health, environmental and climate crisis. But the irony is that the perfect technology already exists, and has done for millions of years - trees. 

Simply put, we couldn’t survive without trees. Oxygen producers, greengrocers, natural pharmacists, and homes to our iconic Aussie wildlife.

Alongside transitioning rapidly from fossil fuels to renewables and storage, trees can also act as our climate allies by capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the air.

Trees really are the ultimate multitaskers. From urban tree cover to towering eucalypt forests, a growing body of research and literature speaks to how trees play a critical role in supporting human health and well-being. But unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of, or have simply forgotten about, all the amazing things trees do for us every day, especially when it comes to our health.

In fact, only a quarter of Australians believe they know a lot of the health and well-being benefits trees have, with a third agreeing that there is not enough education around the topic.

That’s why Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) and the World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia (WWF-Australia) are pleased to work together to highlight the connection between trees and our health. This report identifies the incredible health and wellness benefits that trees provide, and encourages Australians to spend more time amongst trees in nature to reap their benefits.

Find out more about the forgotten heroes for our health Download PDF here:Trees: the forgotten heroes for our health