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BREAKING NEWS 30 June, 2020

A New South Wales Upper House report just released says, following huge bushfire losses, koalas face extinction in the state before 2050 without urgent government intervention to protect habitat loss. Weak landclearing laws must be urgently rewritten to protect koala habitat.

Your generosity today will supercharge our efforts to urge our governments to protect this iconic species for the long-term.

Koalas are losing their homes and their lives

There's no other creature like the koala in the world - yet this Aussie icon is facing extinction, right under our noses.

Koalas are losing their homes at an alarming rate and these unique Australians are out on a limb, with nowhere to go. Because when you're completely dependent on trees - for shelter and food - chainsaws, bulldozers and catastrophic bushfires spell a death sentence. Those koalas that don't die when their homes are destroyed are forced onto the ground where they face further threats from dog attacks, vehicle accidents, starvation and stress-induced disease. 

And the catastrophic fires of 2019-2020 dealt a huge blow to the species - with thousands of koalas perishing in the flames. It's estimated nearly 3 billion animals - mammals, reptiles, birds, and frogs - were killed or displaced by the Black Summer fires. Our Aussie wildlife desperately need your help to recover from that disaster. Throughout eastern NSW, koalas are casualties of some of the highest tree-clearing rates in the world. Populations have declined by a staggering 42% in the past 20 years and the koala is at serious risk of becoming extinct in both NSW and Queensland. You can help stop this decline by helping support wildlife carers to tend sick and injured koalas, and restoring critical koala habitat by replanting and connecting wildlife corridors. You'll also help support critical campaigns for stronger landclearing laws to save what precious forest and woodland remains.

Please give now to save this little Aussie battler before it's too late. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and we'll send your receipt straight to your inbox.

Your donation:

Orphaned koala joey


could help provide bandages and medicines to treat injured koalas

Maryanne the koala wrapped in a blanket


WWF-Australia has deployed emergency funds for immediate wildlife rescue, care and recovery. We are providing support to the RSPCA Queensland, the leading wildlife care facility during the recent bushfires in Queensland to enable urgent treatment and ongoing care for the huge influx of injured wildlife, in particular koalas.


could help rehabilitate koalas and get them ready for a return to the wild

Community Tree Planting at Cook Reserve Ruse, Campelltown


could help replant trees to create homes and safe green corridors for threatened koala communities

Koala mother and joey seeking refuge on a bulldozed logpile


could demand our government stop excessive tree-clearing and protect wildlife for the long-term

A young koala joey in care with Ipswich Koala Protection Society
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