You can help provide the urgent treatment and care native animals need to survive.

Help vulnerable wildlife by donating today.

Tens of thousands of injured or sick native animals are rescued each year, but veterinary care is often too far away. Animals may have to travel for many hours in extreme pain to receive treatment – resulting in low survival rates for already threatened species.

Australia’s native species are deep in crisis. Without more specially trained wildlife vets to call on, many sick, orphaned and injured animals simply won’t make it. That means species like east coast koalas, already on the brink of extinction, will continue to decline at alarming rates.

Donate today to help more veterinary professionals receive specialist training in how to save sick and injured wildlife. They’ll learn how to rescue animals from bushfires, how to dart and capture injured wildlife, and how to care for and rehabilitate native species.

When the next big emergency happens, you can help ensure vets are ready to respond so more precious animals survive.

Please give now to help form a protective ring of care around native wildlife, before more species are lost.

You could help dramatically increase the survival rates of wildlife.

There is an urgent need to better prepare veterinary professionals in the treatment and care of native wildlife, both in readiness for the next fire or flood, but also for the day-to-day care of wildlife in non-crisis times. Vets play a crucial role in the assessment and humane treatment of these animals, and that’s why they need all the training and resources they can get.

“Every native animal requires different care. A bird is very different to a koala, and vets need to be trained appropriately.” - Dr Prishani Vengetas, WWF-Australia Wildlife Recovery Project Coordinator and vet

Disastrous flooding events continue to threaten our wildlife. Please donate today to help train more vets that can respond to wildlife in these ongoing emergencies. Your gift could:

  • Create a robust emergency response team of trained wildlife vets across Australia.
  • Supply vital resources like darting equipment to give animals immediate, in-the-field care.
  • Deliver rapid treatment and follow-up care during emergencies and disease outbreaks.

Without urgent action now, more than 480 unique Australian species are at risk of being lost forever. Animals like the greater glider, hairy-nosed wombat, and of course the Aussie icon, the east coast koala. Your gift today will mean there are more vets on-the-ground ready to treat sick and injured wildlife – and you’ll help save more of Australia’s iconic native animals from extinction.

The threats are mounting – Australian wildlife can’t wait. Please make your life-saving gift today.