There are less than 6,000 remaining in the wild. It’s devastating. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This magnificent animal doesn’t have to disappear forever. You can help save our tigers, before it’s too late.

Tigers are almost gone. They urgently need caring people like you.

One by one we are losing the last of our wild tigers. Their homes have been destroyed. Their natural habitats have become smaller and more fragmented by the day. Making it harder to survive in the wild.  Without sustained efforts to protect tigers, these magnificent animals could soon be found as nothing more than a picture in a history book – or sadly, a violent trophy on someone's wall. Please give today and help tigers have a chance of survival in the wild where they belong. Their fate is in our hands. 

Small increases in tiger populations have been made in recent years which give a sense of hope, However, this gain is small and fragile.

With less than 6,000 left in the wild, tigers are still teetering on a path towards extinction unless protection efforts can continue.

Please act now to protect them and give them a future.

We simply can’t lose the last of our tigers to the cruel and painful snares of savage poachers. Selling every bone, whisker and limb for the illegal wildlife trade.

We can’t stand by as tigers are forced to exist in an ever-shrinking patch of jungle due to habitat loss. Surrounded by human settlements, agriculture and dangerous highways.

We can’t risk another tiger’s life lost to starvation, as they struggle to find prey.

Will you please give a gift today? Your donation will make an impactful contribution for tigers and other endangered animals that need your help. You can give them a chance to survive. You could help save our tigers, before it’s too late. You could give them a chance to survive.

Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) male "Jam" crossing river, Ranthambhore, India


could help to connect tiger habitats . Giving tigers the space to roam in protected areas.

Tiger in river


could help humans and tigers coexist . By continuing community education programs in tiger landscapes.

A snared tiger being rescued by personnel from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. It was discovered by one of WWF-Malaysia's patrol teams in a snare set by local poachers in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex, Malaysia.


could help to stop tiger poaching. Supporting anti-poaching teams helping to combat the illegal wildlife trade. 

Tiger cub from Pench Tiger reserve India


could help construct and maintain tiger-proof pens to keep livestock safe, reducing local tensions.

Please give generously before tigers are gone forever.