Donating to charity during the End of Financial Year (EOFY) period is a popular way to make a positive impact whilst reducing your taxable income. Your donation during the EOFY period can result in money back in your pocket in July.

Discover how you can make a positive contribution and take action to prevent the extinction of iconic Australian animals like koalas, eastern quolls, and green sea turtles below. Please use our calculator to estimate your deductions.

Donate to WWF Australia before June 30 and claim a tax deduction when submitting your tax return this financial year.

Your support is critical to the survival of wildlife facing the growing threat of extinction.

As a nation, Australia has already lost more mammals to extinction in the last 200 years than every other country in the world combined. We simply can’t lose any more. The fight to protect our at-risk wildlife is more crucial than ever. Please make your urgent tax-deductible donation today.  

Unique species like our iconic koalas, eastern quolls, and green sea turtles are under threat. Listed as ENDANGERED, the future of these beautiful Australian animals hangs in the balance.

Threatened by habitat loss, introduced predators and climate change, our Aussie icons desperately need a new chance of survival.

This EOFY period is your chance to protect our precious animals and their habitats and give them their best chance of survival. Your tax-deductible donation will support our nation’s BIGGEST ever wildlife restoration program – Regenerate Australia – and help stop this shocking extinction crisis.

Your generous donation today could help:

  • Plant more trees to save koalas.

  • Build and maintain a predator-proof, fenced safe haven for the eastern quoll.

  • Boost the breeding success of green sea turtles by cooling the sand with seawater at key green sea turtle nesting beaches to help produce more male hatchlings.

Please donate before June 30 to help protect our most precious species and places – before it’s too late.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. If you would prefer to donate over the phone or have any questions, please call us on 1800 032 551.

3 Easy Steps To Make A Tax-Deductible Donation

Step 1 - Make your tax-deductible charity donation

Donating online is quick and easy via the WWF Tax Appeal, or you can choose to donate over the phone.

Step 2 - Keep your receipt.

You should keep a record of any tax-deductible gifts you have donated during the financial year.

Step 3 - Claim your tax deduction

You can claim your deduction when you lodge your tax return from 1 July.

Why make a tax-deductible donation to WWF-Australia this year?

A koala on a property at Swan Bay. A team of tree planters from Bangalow Koalas, East Coast Bush Regeneration, Minyumai IPA Rangers and WWF-Australia planted more than 2000 koala food trees and 1500 wildlife corridor trees on the property in the Richmond Valley to support a small koala colony.


could help plant 100,000 native trees to create a wildlife corridor, providing vital food and shelter for koalas.

Rewilding Australia and WWF-Australia are supporting Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tasmania – Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park – to expand their captive breeding program for eastern quolls.


could help re-introduce eastern quolls to a newly-built fenced safe haven in a NSW national park, entirely protected from introduced predators.

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchling breaking out of its egg


could help cool the sand at key green sea turtle nesting sites to improve breeding success.

Rob Brewster (Rewilding Program Manager, WWF-Australia) installs a camera trap.
WWF-Australia is installing camera traps on Mt Talaterang to find out if foxes and cats have found a way to get up onto this plateau, or if it is feral-free. If the site is feral-free or has low numbers, it could be used as a site to breed threatened mammals.


could help give all three animals a fighting chance by purchasing vital equipment to monitor the ongoing progress of these life-saving projects.