21 Aug 2015


The economic modelling on carbon pollution reduction targets released by the Government today (Friday) confirms that Australia can easily commit to stronger targets, but lacks the political will to do so.

“The modelling shows that Australia can easily afford to make stronger pollution reduction cuts with the economic costs between taking weak action and strong action barely noticeable”, said WWF-Australia National Manager Climate Change, Kellie Caught.

“The Government’s draft 2030 target, is estimated to reduce GDP growth by 0.2-0.3% over the next 15 years. With a stronger 45% target, it would only reduce growth by 0.5-0.7% over the same time."

“Our GDP would make up that small difference in growth in just a few months."

“Australia can have a clean, modern economy that continues to grow, create new jobs and protect our precious environment."

“WWF urges the government to step up and commit to stronger targets in the interest of the people and places we love,” she said.

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Mark Symons, Senior Media Officer, 0400 985 571