27 Nov 2015


WWF congratulates the ALP on today’s commitment to net-zero carbon pollution by 2050, which is a significant and important step towards Australia doing its fair share in the effort to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

Part of this 2050 net-zero carbon pollution commitment is a 2030 pollution reduction target of 45% below 2005, and a commitment to put in place a 2025 target. This would take Australia from the back of the pack to a level comparable to other advanced economies such as Germany (45%), the UK (49%), USA* (38%) and Norway (44%).

We welcome the ALP’s commitment to net-zero carbon pollution by 2050. We also welcome the commitment to put in place a 2025 target and to review their 2030 target in-line with advice from the independent Climate Change Authority,” said Kellie Caught, WWF National Manager, Climate Change.

Based on a new report released yesterday, there is scope to make even deeper cuts.”

This week WWF and ClimateWorks Australia released a new report showing that Australia can achieve even deeper cuts in pollution to 2030, with current technology, while maintaining increased economic prosperity and growing jobs.

The report shows that Australia is well positioned to make at least 50% cuts to our domestic pollution, and at least 65% with international offsets by 2030, while our economy motors along at similar rates of growth we’ve enjoyed over the last five years,” Ms Caught said.

With strong action now, we can create a cleaner, modern and more sustainable future for Australia but the longer we delay, the more we increase the risks to the people and places we love, along with the cost to the economy and the next generation."

A lot can change in five years let alone fifteen years and so regularly reviewing Australia’s targets in line with technological changes, other countries’ actions and updated science would allow Australia to strengthen our commitments and keep pace with the growing momentum driving a clean future,” she said.

The ClimateWorks Australia and WWF report, A prosperous, net-zero pollution Australia starts today can be accessed here.

WWF-Australia Media Contact:

Charlie Stevens, Senior Communications Officer

* Based on a forward trajectory of its 2025 commitment.