17 Mar 2016


This Saturday, Australians will turn their lights off for the tenth Earth Hour to show their support for action on climate change.

But in this election year, with the world watching, Earth Hour is turning its attention to one person with the power to make a big difference – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Earth Hour Australia this week launched a national campaign that asks the Prime Minister to switch off his lights off on Earth Hour night (8:30pm local time, Saturday 19 March), to show his commitment to action on climate change and the country’s transition to 100% renewable energy.

It'd be pretty impossible for the Prime Minister to have missed our question....Over the past week, Earth Hour...

Earth Hour Australia

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Developed in association with award-winning creative agency Leo Burnett, the Will Prime Minister Turnbull Switch Off? campaign will galvanise Australians across the country to let the Prime Minister know that all eyes will be on him on Earth Hour night to see if he switches off.

From the cities to the suburbs and outback Australia, they will take to social media using the hashtag #IllBeWatching to urge the PM to commit Australia to swift and effective action to protect Australia’s natural assets from the effects of climate change, and switch the country to clean sources of energy such as solar and wind.

Dear @TurnbullMalcolm, #illbewatching to see if you switch off for #EarthHour at 8:30pm local time, Saturday 19 March.

Beccy Meares (@Beccy_Meares)

March 16, 2016

Samantha Webb, Earth Hour National Manager, said that the time has come for Prime Minister Turnbull to show Australians exactly where he stands on the issue of climate change.

“When Prime Minister Turnbull came into office we saw renewed hope amongst Australians for an effective national plan to combat climate change, however he has not done enough since coming into office to show Australians that this a priority for his government," Ms Webb said.

“That’s why we’re calling on the Prime Minister to send a clear message to every Australian on Earth Hour night that he is committed to action on climate change and cares about our environment, our children and our future."

“Millions of Australians have participated in Earth Hour over the last decade to demonstrate their unwavering support for strong action on climate change and now they will ask Prime Minister Turnbull to do the same."

“Wherever he may be on Saturday 19 March, we look forward to Prime Minister Turnbull tweeting an image of himself switching off his lights for Earth Hour. Australia will be watching.”

Have you seen our love letter to nature? We sat down and carefully, thoughtfully penned our true feelings about the beautiful Australian places we love...and then we brought it to life in this video. Check it out below, keep an eye out for it on television networks and in cinemas right across the country, and pass it on to your friends to make sure they switch off to protect the #PlacesWeLove

Earth Hour Australia

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Dermot O’Gorman, CEO, WWF-Australia, said that momentum for climate action already exists and is growing everyday in households, businesses and communities across Australia and the world.

“Following both the Paris climate talks and The People’s Climate March last year, Earth Hour 2016 is the next major step in the global movement towards a better, safer and fairer future," Mr O'Gorman said.

“By letting Prime Minister Turnbull know #IllBeWatching, all Australians can send him a clear message that they want him to put a plan in place that ensures a low-pollution, clean energy future, one in which we can continue to enjoy the best of nature and our great way of life."

“The PM’s plan must include stronger pollution reduction targets and long-term milestones to achieve the Paris agreement’s 1.5 degree reduction goal. This includes getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies to instead invest in the transition to 100% renewable electricity."

“All we are asking for is the simple flick of a switch on Earth Hour night Prime Minister. All eyes will be on you to show us that you care.”

Earth Hour supporters are encouraged to visit willturnbullswitchoff.com for more information, and get active on social media using the hashtag #IllBeWatching. The campaign will ask Prime Minister Turnbull to tweet an image to show that he has switched off for Earth Hour.

For more information, interviews or images, please contact:

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