27 Mar 2018


The unlikely meeting of two iconic Australian animals could see marine turtles in the Great Barrier Reef on the way to recovery.

Australia’s fastest-growing furniture start-up, Koala, has today announced its second partnership with WWF-Australia, this time to help save marine turtles from the impacts of human activity.

The partnership follows reports earlier this year that revealed increasing temperatures in the northern Great Barrier Reef are turning populations of marine turtles almost completely female.

The partnership also comes as Koala announces a new three-seater sofa product line, due to launch in March. The partnership sees a commitment on behalf of Koala to make a symbolic adoption of one turtle for every sofa sold.

“We want to inspire and educate Koala’s customers about our conservation work to protect threatened and endangered wildlife. Marine turtles have roamed the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years but due to human activities such as pollution, climate change and habitat destruction, we’ve managed to tip the scales against their survival.” said WWF-Australia Marine Species Manager, Christine Hof.

“With the help of this partnership, we will work on practical solutions to help protect the future survival of our Aussie marine turtles.” she said.

“So much of what we love about Australia can be found in some of our greatest icons and these turtles are no exception. We’re excited to see how this new partnership with Koala can make a real difference for the future of marine turtles and we hope more businesses will stand up and follow Koala’s lead,” added Hof.

Koala’s new three-seater sofa incorporates extensive user research and experience in comfort when making a mattress so many Australians have come to love. The sturdy construction can be delivered in four hours across metropolitan centres and can be assembled in minutes by just one person. The cushions and sprung supports have been designed in unison to provide ergonomic support via a perfectly angled seat that helps ensure you melt into the most comfortable sofa available.

“Just as we spent months researching, developing and testing our mattress before releasing it in 2015, we’ve also invested heavily in developing the ultimate sofa,” said Koala Co-founder, Dany Milham.

“Comfort and value sit at the core of everything Koala does and the sofa is a natural extension that makes the most of the expertise we’ve attained in developing Australia’s highest-rated mattress. Furthermore, we’re honoured to extend our partnership with WWF-Australia to help protect endangered turtles.”

The new sofas are now available for purchase.

About the partnership

Unified in a common goal to protect threatened and endangered wildlife, Koala and WWF began partnering for wildlife back in August 2017. Koala already works with WWF-Australia to symbolically adopt a koala with each mattress it sells, while also helping with habitat protection and regeneration. So far, the partnership has helped with some of WWF-Australia’s koala focused projects, such as their KIMBY tree-clearing campaign which has helped prevent excessive tree-clearing in Queensland, a major cause of habitat loss for many threatened and endangered species, including our iconic koala.

About Koala:

Koala was founded in 2015 with a singular mission: to take the pain out of buying furniture and to help humans of all shapes and sizes sleep better. With a promise of prompt delivery, a focus on customer service, and a 120-day money-back guarantee, the agile startup has surged ahead to become Australia’s highest rated and reviewed mattress brand in all categories. The business is also passionate about giving back, and symbolically adopts a Koala for every mattress sold and a green turtle for every sofa via a unique partnership with the WWF. The adoptions help with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured animals with the goal of releasing them back into the wild while also helping with habitat protection and regeneration.