27 June 2020


The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia today welcomed the announcement by the New South Wales government that it has purchased the 153,415 hectare Narriearra Station in the northwest of the state to turn it into a major new national park

“Protected areas are a cornerstone of biodiversity conservation, and key to storing carbon in landscapes to help create a safe climate,” said Dr Stuart Blanch, Senior Manager, Landclearing and Restoration, WWF-Australia.  

“This new National Park is an example of the ambitious action required to slow and reverse the biodiversity extinction crisis."

“It should improve conservation of more than 27 threatened species of wildlife that live there, protect important floodplains and nationally important wetlands, and ensure migratory birds flying from Asia have a safe resting place when they arrive."

“WWF calls on the government to ensure Indigenous communities can use the site, and to create jobs for traditional owners in park management and conservation of cultural sites and artefacts."

“WWF supports the global goal of protecting 30% of land by 2030. NSW will need to triple its protected areas estate within a decade to meet this goal,” he said.