The platypus is very culturally significant to First Peoples. Known as biladurang to the Wiradjuri Peoples, this animal is one-of-a-kind and incredibly elusive. They’re a totemic species that feature in prominent Creation stories. These stories were shared by neighbouring language groups and would change as they travelled along river systems. Click here to read more about this cuddly cultural icon and its enduring significance.

Download the platypus artwork below to use as a Zoom or Teams background or wallpaper for desktop and mobile devices.

Kamilaroi artist Teagan Malcolm's depiction of the platypus (square).
Kamilaroi artist Teagan Malcolm's depiction of the platypus (square). © Teagan Malcolm / WWF-Australia

Artist's Statement From Teagan Malcolm

“Being asked to work on this campaign is truly an honour. The work WWF does to support the platypus population and safeguard the red gums that sustain their habitats is profoundly significant. That's why I felt it was important for the final artwork to be vibrant and engaging.

In addition to showcasing the platypus, I’ve included three key elements into the background: habitat, food sources and human collaboration, all vital for the platypus population's survival.

I’m a proud Kamilaroi woman and have lived on Wurundjeri country for many years. The continuous care of Country and the sustainability of our native animals and flora is something I hold dearly. Unfortunately, local sightings of platypus are now rare due to habitat damage and dwindling biodiversity. That's why the work of organisations like WWF is indispensable if we hope to preserve these unique and magical native animals for generations to come.” - Teagan Malcolm, Kamilaroi artist.

Platypus are rare, elusive mammals who might live in rivers, but also need trees for survival. River red gums help stabilise the riverbanks where this unique animal breeds, feeds and rests. Sadly, tree-clearing is destroying the homes of platypus. You can help protect the homes of platypus.