29 July 2023


There’s nothing quite like leaving the buzz of the city and escaping into nature. In Australia, we’re lucky to be home to many incredible forests and national parks that we’re free to enjoy. Did you know the trees in these forests are also our secret weapon against climate change? They give us shade and oxygen, keep carbon out of the atmosphere, and provide homes for iconic wildlife like koalas and cockatoos.

But sadly, our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. In fact, Australia has the highest rate of deforestation in the developed world, with more than one tree bulldozed in this country every second. Our well-being, wildlife, communities and the planet all need trees to survive, and it’s time for Australia to become a leader in protecting and restoring trees.

Thankfully, everyone has the power to make an impact - here are ten ways you can help save trees today.

1. Sign the petition to save our trees

WWF has a mission to take Australia from a deforestation hot spot to a leader in tree protection and restoration to benefit our health, communities, climate, wildlife, and planet. But to do this, we need your help.

Sign the petition today to email your government to demand action and save our trees and save our future.

2. Adopt a koala

Trees are natural resources. They produce oxygen, are good for our brains, and provide shade, shelter, nutritious foods and life-saving medicines. Trees are home to some of our most iconic wildlife - like the koala!

To help support the restoration of native forests, did you know you can symbolically adopt a koala? When you do, you’ll protect our forests and provide a safer future for the iconic native creatures that call them home.

A koala adoption includes an (optional cuddly koala plush), fact book, adoption certificate and WWF sticker. And if you sign up to an ongoing adoption you'll also receive updates about the impact you’re making for nature. Adoption packs also make fantastic gifts for the nature lover in your life.

3. Show up for farmers

Many farmers are already successfully producing products like beef and crops without turning to deforestation, giving them benefits from trees like:

  • Shade and shelter for cattle
  • Healthier soil for crops and pastures
  • Offset greenhouse gas emissions
  • Natural pest control
  • Increased pollination
  • Reducing the impacts of floods and drought.

With the right advice and financial support, it’s possible for more and more farmers and landowners to have prosperous businesses without turning to landclearing. That way, they’ll help the planet and enjoy the many benefits trees provide us.

You can help by signing our petition, which will call on politicians to support farmers to keep trees in the ground and to produce products without causing deforestation.

4. Get your hands dirty at home

No matter where you live - whether in an urban jungle, the suburban streets or the countryside - we can all help our trees by getting our hands dirty in the garden. Australia is home to such a unique range of flora, many of which could make the perfect addition to your backyard.

When designing your garden, consider choosing a diverse range of native plants. Flowers are great for pollinators, while structural, spiky plants and grasses provide great habitat for small birds to nest and find shelter in. Here’s a list of native plants you can grow to create a wildlife-friendly oasis.

And if you can’t plant trees on your own property, consider joining a Landcare or bush regeneration group for your local park or creek line. You’ll do important work like removing weeds from local reserves, giving trees the space they need to grow.

5. Learn more about the National Trees Scorecard

WWF-Australia’s first National Trees Scorecard presents an overview of how our state, territories and federal government are performing in the race to protect and restore trees. The scorecard shows New South Wales and Queensland sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard, with South Australia taking first place. But with a tree being bulldozed in Australia every second, there’s plenty of opportunities for our country to do better.

Find out where your state or territory ranks in the race to protect and restore trees, and what can be done to improve their score.

6. Source sustainable timber

Older trees are carbon-storing machines, so it’s even more important to protect them and plant new, younger tree saplings, which are still developing their full superpowers. Show your support for sustainable forests by choosing products from responsibly managed land or recycled sources. You can also call on the government to invest in expanding sustainable plantations that adhere to strict environmental, social and economic laws to benefit all living things by signing our petition.

7. Learn about the health benefit of trees

Trees and forests have been scientifically proven to be good for our physical and mental health. As well as providing us with shelter and shade and growing many of the foods and medicines we need, trees have also been found to purify our water and air, protect us from heat and rising temperatures and improve our physical and mental health.

8. Get tree planting

You can generate more lungs for Australia by supporting organisations like Bangalow Koalas, a community-driven New South Wales organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring habitats for koalas. The trees they plant help our Australian icons feed, breed and move about safely. Keep an eye out for their community planting events for a chance to get your hands dirty and help plant some trees!

9. Make sustainable choices

There are so many viable alternatives to trees that are better for our planet, like bamboo, green steel and green aluminium, industrial hemp, and innovative wood products such as cross-laminated timber. When you choose them, you’ll save trees and help grow demand for these sustainable alternatives.

10. Spread the word and share the petition!

The more people who show their support for trees, the better. Raise awareness by educating friends, family and your community about the threat Australian nature is facing, and encourage them to take action too. This blog is a great place to start, and here are some other assets you can share with your networks on social media.

You can help make Australia a world leader in protecting and restoring trees. Sign our petition today to email your government to demand action to save our forests and save our future.

Want to learn more about why we need to save trees in Australia? Read more here.