22 Nov 2023


This Christmas, why not make your own decorations by recycling things around the house? It’s a great way to be creative while getting in the spirit of the season. Not only is it a fun, inexpensive holiday activity to do with friends and family, it’ll also help the planet by turning old things into new! 

Check out these fun, easy and eco-friendly DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Make a silver gum wreath

Silver gum wreath
Silver gum wreath © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Re-create this beautiful silver gum wreath for your front door, which is sure to make all your neighbours jealous! You can even create a wreath using other native greenery or edible herbs. For extra winkle, you can add some LED lights.

2. Homemade decorations

Felt Christmas decorations
Felt Christmas decorations © Pexels

Here's a fantastic alternative to plastic tinsel. Simply peg homemade decorations and leave on a string and wrap around your Christmas tree or hang them along your walls.

3. Eco-friendly Christmas tree

Sustainable Christmas tree
Sustainable Christmas tree © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Skip the plastic Christmas tree and make your own unique, rustic and eco-friendly tree using things around the house. All you need are some sticks from the backyard, strong and some homemade cardboard decorations.

4. Repurposed cardboard decorations

Hanging gold decoration
Hanging gold decoration © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Have old cardboard laying around? You can repurpose any leftover cardboard and turn it into super simple hanging ornaments - perfect for the Christmas tree or by the window,

5. Crochet Christmas baubles

Crochet Christmas baubles
Crochet Christmas baubles © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Are you an expert crafter? If so, this one's for you! Crochet your own Christmas baubles using leftover wool and thread. All you need is a little inspiration and some free patterns from the internet!

6. Create your own tea light lanterns

Christmas jar
Christmas jar © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Create you own beautiful tea light lanterns by cutting out Christmas shapes in old wrapping paper or pages from an old book. The, wrap them around old jars, light a candle and watch the room become illuminated!

7. Hanging lanterns

Hanging Christmas candles
Hanging Christmas candles © Genaro Diaz

If you still have leftover jars, tie some strong around the rims of the jar and attach them to a fallen branch. You can hang these inside the house or in the garden to add a luminous atmosphere to your Christmas party.

8. Sew your decorations

Fabric Christmas decoration
Fabric Christmas decoration © Irantzu Arbaizagoitia

Use your old T-shirts or leftover fabric that can't be given to goodwill and turn them into homemade decorations!

9. Make origami decorations

Hanging origami stars
Hanging origami stars © Stef Mercurio/ WWF-Australia

Get your folding fingers out! Create hanging paper decorations by cutting out star shapes from newspapers, leftover wrapping paper or last year's Christmas cards. For the super crafty, try folding an origami star.

10. Shell Christmas tree

Shell Christmas tree
Shell Christmas tree © supermimmicry/ iStock.com

Turn your next stroll across the beach into a shell collection session! This image shows a simple way to create a very Australian summer Christmas tree.

11. Rustic star decoration

Star decoration made of twigs
Star decoration made of twigs © Asife/ Creative Market

A simple star shape made from fallen sticks makes for a beautiful, rustic alternative to a Christmas tree.