WWF-Australia’s Annual Report 2021 contains a summary of our conservation highlights over the past financial year. This report aims to capture key highlights that demonstrate the breadth and impact of our work, providing an insight into the incredible energy that WWF is bringing to the greatest challenge of our time - protecting people and nature. 

It is thanks to our supporters and many partners who helped make the achievements below possible.

Regrowth after bushfires
Regrowth after bushfires © WWF-Australia/Veronica Joseph

Regenerate Australia

The bushfire tragedy of 2019-20 united us as a nation. Together we watched, horrified, as iconic landscapes burnt, and lives, homes and wildlife were destroyed. Regenerate Australia aims to rejuvenate places and populations, and future-proof Australia against the climate disasters to come with four major programs:

  • Koalas Forever: doubling wild koalas on Australia’s east coast by 2050
  • Towards Two Billion Trees: protecting, restoring and planting two billions trees by 2030.
  • Renewables Nation: accelerating Australia’s transition to a renewables export superpower.
  • Innovate to Regenerate: supporting innovative, resilience-building and scalable solutions that help to Regenerate Australia and future-proof Australian communities.
Maryanne the koala released to the wild © WWF-Australia

Key achievements

  • Planting more than 46,000 koala food and habitat trees, and restoring 40 hectares of koala habitat.
  • Delivering emergency relief and ongoing wildlife and landscape regeneration by partnering with over 40 organisation across every state and territory.
  • Calling for key NSW Ministers to protect critical unburnt forests as wildlife refuges under WWF’s Defending the Unburnt strategy, securing more than 16,000 signatures on petitions.
  • Identifying nine innovative projects for funding through the $1.32m Bushfire Regeneration Challenge.
  • Kick-starting our bold program of action with the goal of raising $300m over five years.
  • Working to deliver climate-ready restoration by partnering with Greening Australia and launching a $50m prospectus.
  • Accelerating Australia’s transition to a Renewable Energy Export Superpower with over $4.1bn in government funding commitments, consistent with Renewables Nation policy asks.
  • Working together to reduce embodied carbon in the building industry by establishing the Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA) with over 70 partner organisations.


In 2021, whether working on policy reform, out in the field or with technology to develop innovative conservation solutions, we continued our mission - to build a future in which humans live and prosper in harmony with nature - together.

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